Complete Fitting and Exceptional Service

Almost all golfers have a goal to play better golf. At 2nd Swing, our goal is to optimize your golf clubs to help you reach your goal. Our custom fitting experts work with you every step of the way. From choosing golf equipment that compliments your unique swing to custom fitting, our experts ensure you have the equipment to play better golf.

  • Personal, One-On-One Service from Certified Professionals
  • You will enjoy the expertise of our highly trained and professional club fitters throughout your entire fitting process. Regardless of your skill level, our club-fitting expert helps you understand your swing dynamics, the launch monitor data and what club configurations will help you play better golf.

  • Deluxe Private Fitting Bays
  • Club fitting can be a bit intimidating for some golfers. Our fitting bays provide privacy and comfort, and our club fitting experts put you at ease with a simple approach to helping you play better golf.

  • Fine Tune Your Short Game at Studio B
  • On average, 40% of a player’s score is a result of the short game. Our high-tech laser V1 4CAM putter fitting studio will transform your understanding of putting. This technology provides data-driven results in putter type, length, lie angle and loft. 2nd Swing club-fitting experts optimize your putter and short game to help you save strokes!

  • 100% Committed to You Playing Better Golf
  • Our goal is to optimize your equipment so you play better golf. In most cases, playing better golf is a result of buying the right equipment, getting custom fit and finding instruction. At 2nd Swing, we provide you value in each of the three ways to improve your game: We offer the largest selection of pre-swung golf clubs; each purchase comes with free custom fitting. More importantly, we offer free fitting for the duration that you own the equipment you bought from us. And lastly, we’ve partnered with top teaching PGA and LPGA professionals in the area that can provide instruction on your swing. We’re committed to helping you play better golf.