2A custom fit set of irons provides confidence. Confidence allows players to make better swings and play better golf. A 2nd Swing fitting identifies the best club type for your tendencies and custom fits them to your exact length, lie angle and loft that complement your unique swing characteristics.

    • Eliminate the Inconsistencies

The first step in an iron fitting is capturing complete specs on your current irons – length, shaft stiffness, loft, lie angles, and swing weight. Most golfers are surprised to learn how many inconsistencies there are within a typical “off-the-rack” set of irons. These inconsistencies often explain why some clubs within the same set perform consistently better than others.

    • Our Fitting Process, Your Results

Our expert club fitting team has developed a process that helps you find the right equipment for your unique tendencies. First, we analyze data from your swing – trajectory, spin rate, shot pattern, carry distance, total distance and many more attributes. This data helps our golf equipment experts recommend equipment that will complement your unique tendencies and improve your on-course performance.
The next step includes demoing and comparing results. We analyze the data from your equipment and compare it to the equipment we recommended. Working with your club fitting expert, you identify the club that best performs for you.

With thousands of golf clubs to choose from-each with numerous variances in terms of shaft, lie angle, swing weight, etc-making the right decision is almost impossible without consulting an equipment expert.

    • Technology Provides Exact Science to Fitting

2nd Swing Golf provides a state-of-the-art custom fitting center. Each fitting center is fully equipped with industry-leading fitting equipment from Ping nFlight, Taylormade, Callaway, Mizuno, Bettinardi, Foresight, Mitchell and V1. Our expert club fitters ensure your equipment is fit to your precise specifications (more exact than manufacturers’ stock clubs) – to the exact loft, lie angle, length, shaft stiffness and swing weight your swing needs to optimize on-course performance. The fastest way to a better game is having your clubs custom fit to you.