Putter Fitting = Lower Scores

On average, 40% of a player’s score is a result of the short game. Our high-tech laser V1 4CAM putter fitting studio will transform your understanding of putting. This technology provides data-driven results in putter type, length, lie angle and loft. 2nd Swing club fitting experts will optimize your putter and short game to help you save strokes!

    • 2nd Swing Studio B Putter Fitting Technology

2nd Swing is partnered with Bettinardi Golf to provide a rare and unique putter fitting experience. V1-4CAM laser putting studio incorporates a 4-camera system that simultaneously records your stroke to measure alignment (face angle to target), length, loft, lie, stroke type, rotation (how much face opens and closes), swing tempo and skid ratio. Industry research reports the average golfer saves two strokes a round when using a properly fit putter.
2nd Swing offers a full range of putters with the latest technology from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Advanced fitting is no longer reserved for the best players in the world.