Custom Fit Insurance on Your Clubs

Our fitting centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure your custom orders are ready for you. We test each club’s configurations and ensure it matches your specifications before you receive it.

  • Great Value and Performance on Stock Clubs
  • There is no industry standard on vital fitting specs. Loft, lie angle and other key fitting specs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and inconsistencies are expected. In many cases, golf clubs can vary up to 3 degrees from the registered manufacturer stock specs.

    When you buy stock clubs from 2nd Swing Golf, you’ll pay the same price as other retailers, but before your clubs are shipped to you our expert fitters will test each club and ensure the specs are precisely matched to you. As a result, you will get a better value and play better golf.

  • An Upgraded Shaft Means an Upgraded Game
  • High-end shafts often increase the cost of golf clubs, resulting in a less-than-desirable expense to consumers. Manufacturers do offer many high-end shaft options. At 2nd Swing, we recommend working with a custom-fitting expert to identify which combination is best for your unique swing. We provide the opportunity to swing a variety of head and shaft combinations from leading manufacturers. During our fitting process, you see the data and can compare results to identify the best combination for you.

    We do recommend upgrading shafts when the data provides convincing results. For players who choose high-end shafts, we work directly with the major manufacturers to design your custom-fit golf clubs. Once your club arrives, our expert fitters will inspect each club to ensure the specs we fit you for are delivered in your new clubs.