The Importance of Launch Monitor Data

At 2nd Swing, we use state-of-the-art technology in each of our fitting bays. Our Foresight GC2 launch monitors capture critical data such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance and many other factors. This data is carefully reviewed by our club-fitting experts to understand your unique swing dynamics. Based on the data collected from this technology, we can recommend golf equipment to help improve your game and custom fit each club to your unique swing.

  • Ball Speed
  • Ball speed is measured just after impact and directly relates to your overall distance. Ball speed is a combination of club speed, impact position on the club, dynamic loft, attack angle and type of ball. Ball speed is observed closely when comparing different club combinations to determine which club best complements each player’s swing.

  • Launch Angle
  • Launch angle measures the trajectory of the ball immediately after contact. For each player there is an ideal launch angle that will optimize distance and on-course performance.

  • Spin Rate
  • Spin rate measures how fast the ball spins in rotations per minute (rpm’s) just after impact. Spin rate is a vital statistic for maximizing carry distance and on-course performance. For players with higher swing speeds, optimizing your spin rate is crucial for distance off the tee. To maximize distance, each player has an optimal zone for launch angle and spin rate. 2nd Swing expert club-fitters can work with you to identify your optimal zone.

  • Ball Spin Impacting Your Accuracy
  • Known as “Ball Spin Axis”, this measurement calculates the spin of the ball relative to the target line immediately after impact. For a right-handed golfer, a measurement of zero degrees means the ball is spinning exactly down the target line. A positive value means the ball is spinning to the right, a negative number to the left. This data reflects how the ball will tend to move in flight on the course. Our expert club-fitters optimize this data based upon your unique swing characteristics.
    Golfers traditionally buy clubs “off the rack” without understanding this type of data. In many cases the club buyer is less than satisfied with results. A 2nd Swing club fitting enables golfers of all skill levels to find the right equipment that best complements their unique swing and maximize their on-course performance.