How Your Swing Data Aids Club Fitting

Our Foresight GC2 launch monitors captures critical data such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance and many other swing metrics. This data is carefully reviewed by our club-fitting experts to understand your unique swing dynamics. Based on the data collected from this technology, we can recommend golf equipment to help improve your game and custom fit each club to your unique swing.

  • Club Speed
  • Club speed is a critical criterion in determining the proper golf club. Club speed is how fast the club head is moving just before impact. Higher club speed usually results in greater distances. Weight is a big factor in slowing down a player’s swing. Slower swing speeds are likely to need lighter-weight golf clubs and more flexible shafts. Faster swing speeds are usually better complimented with heavier golf clubs.

  • Attack Angle
  • The attack angle defines whether the golf club is on an upward (positive data value), level (zero data value) or downward (negative data value) path at the moment of impact with the ball. The angle of attack is hugely important determining the optimum driver loft for all golfers because it has a big influence on the dynamic loft of the head at impact. An upward angle of attack increases the dynamic loft and increases the launch angle of the shot for any given static driver loft. A downward angle of attack decreases the dynamic loft and lowers the launch angle of the shot for any given static driver loft. Knowing the attack angle of a golfer’s swing enables the club fitter to configure the club to maximize performance based on the attack angle.

  • Club Path
  • Club path is the direction the club head is traveling at the moment of impact relative to the target line. Knowing a golfer’s common club path enables the fitter to adjust club configuration for ideal on-course performance.
    Our expert club-fitters study these collected data points for your swing with your current club. A combination of our fitting experts and software produces the best club for your unique swing. As the proposed golf clubs progress and get more finely tuned to the player’s unique swing characteristics, the performance of the club improves, both in the fitting studio and on the course.