2nd Swing Offers the Best Selection in Your Budgete

2nd Swing proudly works with golfers of all skill levels and budgets. Every golfer, regardless of budget, can now buy clubs that are custom fit for their swing and see better results on the course.

  • Our Recommendations, Your Choice
  • 2nd Swing Golf brings you the latest and best selections of new golf clubs. We also offer one of the largest selections of used golf clubs. This selection enables us to fit any budget. Through our fitting process, we identify the best recommendations to help you play better golf. Our personalized one-on-one service walks you through the buying process, answering your questions and discussing your data to help you choose the right clubs for you.

  • Each Club is Carefully Inspected
  • Any club ordered or purchased from 2nd Swing is carefully inspected by our expert club-fitters before completing the transaction. There is no such thing as an industry standard and manufacturers have wide variances in their club-building process. Testing each club and making any necessary adjustments to the club is mandatory for you to play better golf.