Bettinardi engineers premier, world-class putters. Starting with raw material, Bettinardi Golf crafts each putter head from one block of metal. There is no welding of the neck and head, which preserves one of the best feels a putter can provide. The unique milling process carves the milled surface from the top down versus from heel to toe like many other milled putters. Bettinardi’s milling process produces a flat face, which reduces undesirable spin and helps players make more putts.

On average, 40% of a player’s score is a result of the short game. Our high-tech laser V1 4CAM putter fitting studio transforms your understanding of putting. This technology provides data-driven results in putter type, length, lie angle and loft. 2nd Swing club-fitting experts will optimize your putter and short game to help you save strokes!

2nd Swing is partnered with Bettinardi Golf, providing a rare and unique putter-fitting experience in Studio B. The V1-4CAM laser putting studio incorporates a 4-camera system that records your stroke to measure alignment (face angle to target), length, loft, lie, stroke type, rotation (how much face opens and closes), swing tempo and skid ratio. Industry research reports the average golfer saves 2 strokes a round when using a properly fit putter.

Bettinardi Studio B Fitting Menu

Bettinardi Studio B Putter Fitting
30-45 minutes

Every putter fitting begins with a warm-up session. We begin with an evaluation of your current putter and putting stroke. No matter of your skill level, your putting stroke is classified in one of three categories: straight, slight arc or strong arc. Putters are designed to match these putting strokes and are classified as face balanced, slight toe hand and strong toe hang. Based on your category, there is a putter design that complements your stroke and will help you make more putts.

Once the putter type is chosen, our certified fitters measure the correct length, lie angle and loft. 2nd Swing provides access to our state-of-the-art Studio B, offering a V-1 four-camera system. In this experience, we help you understand the little changes and how they will benefit your game.

Following your fitting, an email summary is provided upon request. Your fitting is kept on record at our fitting studio for future reference. Once your new putter arrives, we invite you to inspect the quality of your new Bettinardi putter and prepare you to play better golf.