How We Identify The Best Golf Clubs For Your Game


At 2nd Swing, we work with the leading brands in the industry, including Ping, Taylormade, Mizuno, Callaway, Bettinardi, Titleist, Cobra, Muira, Fourteen, Scratch and many more. Our process is very user-friendly and allows you to compare results until you and your expert club-fitter identify the best equipment for you.

    • Step 1: Analyze Tendencies, Match To Best Club Choice, Compare Results

Walking into a warehouse-style retail store and buying golf clubs off the rack is a traditional, almost pre-historic way to buy golf clubs. It can work if you know what you need. For most golfers, knowing what golf clubs will best complement their tendencies is very challenging. When you make your next purchase, you’ll plan on playing your new clubs for years. It’s very important that you buy clubs that complement your unique tendencies.
Our expert club fitting team has developed a process that will help you find the right equipment for your unique tendencies. First, we analyze data from your swing – trajectory, spin rate, shot pattern, carry distance, total distance and many more attributes. This data helps our golf equipment experts recommend equipment that complements your unique tendencies and improves your on-course performance.

The next step includes demoing and comparing results. We analyze the data from your equipment and compare it to the equipment we recommended. Working with your club fitting expert, you identify the club that best performs for you.

With thousands of golf clubs to choose from—each with numerous variances in terms of shaft, lie angle, swing weight, etc—making the right decision is almost impossible without consulting an equipment expert.

    • Step 2: Get Fit, Custom Fitting Delivers the Best Results

Our team of experts has completed extensive training in both equipment knowledge and custom fitting. 2nd Swing Golf works with engineers and club designers from the top manufacturers to better understand the latest technology and how the features will benefit the player. In addition, 2nd Swing partners with manufacturers to study and learn the most up-to-date fitting trends and technologies.

    • Our Custom Fitters Provide Precise Specifications

Our team of experts has developed a successful approach to custom fitting from working with touring professionals, numerous PGA and LPGA professionals and thousands of amateurs of all skill levels. This team is committed to details and customer satisfaction. It’s this commitment that has earned 2nd Swing Golf recognition and awards from top manufacturers such as Ping, Taylormade and Bettinardi.

It just makes sense to know you’re playing the best new technology out of all leading brands, clubs that are set up precisely to optimize performance for your unique swing.