Buying Equipment Is Exact Science With Club Fitting Analysis


Your goal is to play better golf. Our goal is to optimize the equipment you play based on your swing dynamics. 2nd Swing has invested in state of the art technology for every step of the fitting process. The analysis provided by this technology helps match the best equipment to your swing.

    • The Specs of Your Current Clubs

Finding the specifications of your current clubs – club loft, lie angle, length, shaft stiffness and swing weight – is the first step fitting you with the best performing clubs out there. Each fitting bay at 2nd Swing is outfitted with calibrated equipment to capture the exact specs on your current clubs.

    • Data Collected from Your Swing with Your Clubs

Our state-of-the-art technology measures the exact ball flight and provides precise, detailed data on ball launch, ball flight and ball landing. With all the different data points collected on each swing, you and our expert club fitters build a complete understanding of your swing dynamics with your current clubs – club speed, ball spin rate, trajectory, as well as distance and direction.

    • Software Analysis

We partner with top manufacturers in the industry, using their software to evaluate your swing dynamics and match you to the best available club type, loft, shaft type, shaft manufacturer and shaft flex. Our expert club fitters interpret the data to make initial recommendations on clubs that maximize performance for your swing.

    • Demo and Compare Results

Leading manufacturers partner with 2nd Swing Golf to provide you the ultimate fitting experience. With thousands of head and shaft combinations to choose from, you and your expert club fitter can compare results and continue to fine-tune the head and shaft combination until optimal results are reached.

    • Technology Provides Exact Science to Fitting

2nd Swing Golf provides a state-of-the-art custom fitting center. Each fitting center is fully equipped with industry-leading fitting equipment from Ping nFlight, Taylormade, Callaway, Mizuno, Bettinardi, Foresight, Mitchell and V1. Our expert club fitters ensure your equipment is fit to your precise specifications (more exact than manufacturers’ stock clubs) – to the exact loft, lie angle, length, shaft stiffness and swing weight your swing needs to optimize on-course performance. The fastest way to a better game is having your clubs custom fit to you.

    • 2nd Swing Studio B Putter-Fitting Technology

2nd Swing is partnered with Bettinardi Golf, providing a rare and unique putter fitting experience. V1-4CAM laser putting studio incorporates a 4-camera system that simultaneously records your stroke to measure alignment (face angle to target), length, loft, lie, stroke type, rotation (how much face opens and closes), swing tempo and skid ratio. Industry research reports the average golfer saves two strokes a round when using a properly fit putter.

Advanced fitting technology is no longer reserved for the best players in the world. Custom fitting is delivering great results for golfers of all levels and making the process to buy equipment an exact science.