Custom Fit Golf Clubs Will Help You Improve Your Golf Game

Every golfer wants to improve their golf game: hit it longer, hit it straighter, shoot lower scores and make more putts. There are 2 primary factors involved in making this a reality: the swing you take and the club you swing. At 2nd Swing Golf, we make sure the club you swing is configured precisely to your natural swing dynamics to consistently deliver your best on-course results.

It is true that every golfer, from professionals to beginners, should have a club fitting, particularly before buying golf equipment.

    • It’s Easier to Fit Clubs to Your Swing than to Make Swing Changes

If you tend to have a natural “cut swing” or “outside-in” swing (using just one example), it will be easier for custom-fit clubs to make a corrective adjustment than for you to change your natural swing. The result will be lower scores due to improved on-course consistency, more distance and, above all, accuracy. There is no easy way for you to know if an off-the-rack club purchase will produce these effects on your game. At 2nd Swing, our fitting will precisely define the equipment specifications that work best with your natural swing. After we know what your swing characteristics/fingerprint looks like, we then will set your clubs to these exact specifications.

    • Buying the Right Clubs Is an Exact Science With Club Fitting

2nd Swing has the ability to order more than 20,000 club head/shaft combinations from all of the leading manufacturers. Our technology allows us to capture data on all of the unique swing characteristics that impact your golf scores – launch angle, spin rate, side spin, ball speed, club head spead, smash factor and load tendencies, to name a few – and identify the exact club head and shaft specifications most likely to enhance your shots. During your club-fitting appointment, you’ll be able to test these new options and compare the data to your current clubs. Selecting clubs off the rack without this detailed data analysis and precise club configuration is literally a guessing game – one which you are likely to lose.

    • No Industry Standards for Off-The-Rack Clubs

There are no standards in the industry for shaft stiffness, so one manufacturer’s regular shaft can be equivalent to another manufacturer’s stiff shaft. From manufacturer to manufacturer, we see wide variances in club lie angles, lofts, shaft stiffness and many other club specs. These variances will cause you to hit clubs within the same set inconsistently. At 2nd Swing, our fitters thoroughly test every club, whether new or used, and adjust them to the most exacting standards in the industry. In fact, our Tour-caliber equipment will meet the precise club specifications that optimize performance for your natural swing characteristics.

    • Club Fitting Data Identifies the Best Clubs from All Major Manufacturers

As an independent retailer, 2nd Swing offers the latest, most advanced golf equipment produced by all of the leading club and shaft manufacturers. Our fittings are designed to be very data driven. This means that we analyze your “fingerprint,” which consists of many variables such as launch angle and ball spin rates, and come up with the perfect shaft and club configuration to improve your game. Our data will show you how the recommended clubs outperform your current clubs.
2nd Swing allows you to schedule a fitting for iron sets, fairway woods and hybrids, drivers, wedges or putters. Every level of player can benefit, from single-digit handicap golfers (for whom we offer a gap-fitting analysis) all the way to the beginners, where it becomes very important to get the right equipment so you can start the game off in the right direction and make a sound investment on clubs that will continue to work for you as your game progresses.