Custom Fitting Will Help You Commit To A Better Game

Avid golfers play 20-30 rounds each year, carry a handicap ranging from 10-20 and are comfortable with all aspects of the game. They are also motivated to play better golf and lower their handicaps. Because each player has a unique swing and tendencies, a custom fitting at 2nd Swing will give each player the best opportunity to play better golf.

Most avid golfers are good ball-strikers but experience a few poorly hit shots that often result in higher scores. During the fitting process, our fitting experts will evaluate your clubs and your unique tendencies. We often find discrepancies that can be the cause of these poorly hit shots. In addition, the inconsistencies of off-the-rack golf clubs add to the frustration and often lead to poorly hit shots.

Avid golfers are looking to improve their scores and lower their handicaps. A 2nd Swing fitting experience will help minimize the poor shots that result from discrepancies and inconsistencies. Avid golfers can lower their scores significantly with a club fitting.

    • Improve Your Distance, Consistency and Accuracy

Custom fitting will help deliver better results. Your well struck shots will get closer, and more importantly, your poorly struck shots will produce a better outcome.

After a fitting, your clubs will be dialed in to your unique swing. Our expert fitters will evaluate length, lie angle, loft, shaft type, shaft flex and more to optimize your equipment. In doing so, they will ensure each club performs more consistently in relation to the other clubs, which removes uncomfortable yardage gaps. The results you see include better shots and lower scores.

    • Take Advantage of Technology

2nd Swing Golf offers a state-of-the-art fitting center providing the latest technology from top manufacturers including Ping, Taylormade, Callaway and many more. Our fitting exerts will analyze your swing using the latest fitting technology and software to identify equipment that will help you play better golf.