Greater Enjoyment Of The Game Is Just A Club Fitting Away


Custom club fitting can benefit players at all levels. We work with 20+ handicap players every day. These players are avid golfers with a passion for the game and see some of the best results custom fitting can offer.

Most 20+ handicap players struggle with consistency. At 2nd Swing, we focus on each player’s swing and tendencies to optimize one’s enjoyment of the game. For beginners, we optimize the club head, shaft type and shaft flex to maximize performance. For players who have seen physical changes or limitations, we focus the experience on clubs that provide more carry and shaft technology to maximize distance.

Custom club fitting benefits for 20+ handicaps include:

    • Maximum Forgiveness

Golfers who struggle with consistent ball striking will greatly benefit with newer technology. Research and technology have greatly impacted the club head design. Manufacturers are producing club designs and placing weight in specific areas to maximize forgiveness, distance and accuracy. At 2nd Swing, we will identify the best complement from leading manufacturers for your unique tendencies to deliver better results.

    • Improved Accuracy

For many 20+ handicaps, lack of consistent ball striking results in costly lost balls and higher scores. A 2nd Swing fitting will clearly identify the golfer’s common swing dynamics and then set up the clubs so they work more effectively for your unique swing. In many cases, the club configuration can complement your tendencies, resulting in more consistent and straighter ball flight.

    • Optimized Ball Launch Angle and Carry Distance

Some 20+ handicaps consistently hit the ball too high because their clubs are not well suited to their swing, resulting in lost distance and greater inaccuracy. Others have a hard time getting sufficient loft on their shots, resulting in shorter shots. Getting custom fit at 2nd Swing will configure your clubs to provide optimized launch angle and carry distance for each club based on your unique swing.