Custom Club Fitting For Beginners


As a beginner, your swing dynamics have not yet been fully defined; still, important characteristics such as swing speed and attack angle are evident early in the process. A club fitting for beginning golfers is focused on providing a strong foundation on which they can build a rapidly improving game for greater enjoyment.

Golf is a hard game. Most beginners start playing the game with a mixed set of clubs, something borrowed or an inexpensive set. With a hodge-podge of equipment, it’s even more difficult to develop a consistent swing and see improving results.

There are hundreds of club options available to the beginning golfer and it is overwhelming to try to identify the best clubs for this stage of your development. At 2nd Swing, our personal service will help you make a wise and informed club-buying decision. It may not make sense to buy expensive clubs at this point, but you should buy the manufacturer’s stock clubs most suited to your basic swing dynamics.