Custom Club Fitting For Seniors


Distance is a result of club head speed, launch angle and spin. Strength and flexibility are key physical traits relating to club head speed. Seeing these traits slowly diminish can be very frustrating for any golfer. Lower swing speeds also result in lower ball launch angles. For long clubs, this translates into lower distances. For shorter clubs, this translates into less spin, less height, less ability to carry hazards and less ability to hold shots on the green close to the hole. As a result, senior players struggle to score.

A 2nd Swing custom club fitting for seniors can turn back the clock and help keep that handicap where it belongs. We carry one of the largest selections of senior equipment. Our personalized service will help identify equipment best suited to your unique tendencies. By carefully studying launch monitor data, our expert club fitters can adjust club head specifications to optimize launch angles and spin to maximize distance.