Club Fitting Means Finely Tuned Scoring Tools

Single-digit handicap golfers and professional players know exactly what they are looking for in every club. Any variance in lie, loft, etc., equates to shot inconsistencies. If golfers’ specifications are not met precisely, the small error in club configuration can have a significant impact on their ball-striking, shot pattern, competitiveness and scoring. Professional golfers and single-digit handicappers have clubs that very nearly fit their swing, but need to be fine tuned to shave a few more strokes off the final score.

At 2nd Swing, we’ve fit thousands of low handicap players along with many professionals. Our award-winning club fitters have a deep understanding of the launch monitor data and how it can identify important incremental adjustments that produce improved on-course results. With the help of our Tour-caliber fitting equipment, we can carefully craft each club to the finest tolerances in the industry. The end results are clubs that are finely tuned to your natural swing and shot patterns.

Some of the important feedback we constantly receive from our single digit golfers and professionals includes:

    • Consistency

Each club within the set performs consistently each time used and in relation to all other clubs. The distance gaps between clubs are consistent and at desired levels. The performance characteristics of each club – launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, smash factor and carry distance – are carefully targeted and clubs are configured to achieve the targets. A 2nd Swing fitting maximizes consistency through the bag and through the round.

    • Ideal Ball Flight and Dispersion

It is important for professionals and low handicaps to produce a desired ball flight with each club – proper launch angle, ideal peak trajectory, proper spin rates, and the correct amount of horizontal movement (fade or draw). It’s also critical that each club delivers consistent ball flight tolerance. A custom club fitting at 2nd Swing with detailed launch monitor data ensures that each club is ultra precision-tuned for the right ball flight and dispersion results.

    • Finest Technology

Our single digit players and professionals tell us that it is imperative to take advantage of technological advances in club design and materials. 2nd Swing offers the most current lines of all major club and shaft manufacturers, so our customers know they are playing the best equipment and technology available and that it is perfectly tuned to their swing type.

    • Trust and Confidence in Their Equipment

For highly skilled players, success typically comes down to confidence and trust in executing the required shot. After a 2nd Swing fitting, our customers tell us they know the club is perfectly configured to their swing dynamics, and this gives them a great deal of added confidence to hit the desired shot.